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10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes 4

by Sue Plumley


Whether you're a member of a small office or a large corporation, Lotus Notes provides accessibility and flexibility, and can help you complete your work efficiently and quickly. Without leaving your desk, you can receive simple, practical help with fast results.

The What and Why of Lotus Notes

Through 10-minute lessons, you can learn all the skills you need to be productive immediately. Lotus Notes enables you to easily access database information, create your own database, and access databases your co-workers create and post to the network. You can also access document databases containing such company documents as forms, reports, lists, articles, and other information, as well as open, edit, and post changes to documents in a database.

In just 10 minutes you can learn how to receive, send, and manage your mail with Notes' e-mail, and attach files to e-mail, as well as import and export files to your e-mail messages to take full advantage of Notes' capabilities. You can make your own documents available on the network for others to access and can also join discussion groups on the Notes network.

Because Lotus Notes can accomplish so much, you may think it will be hard to use; however, it is easy to use and understand. Notes uses InfoBoxes to represent related options, and other on-screen tools with which you may be familiar. Lotus Notes uses a GUI (pronounced "gooey"), which makes interacting with your computer easy. You usually use a mouse to point and select, and choose commands from menus. A GUI is an alternative to a command-line interface, such as DOS, in which you enter commands from the keyboard.

Lotus Notes is fast, easy, and fun to learn, and all you have to do is invest a little effort. You'll be pleased with the advantages and benefits you will receive from the program.

Though you can jump around between lessons, starting at the beginning is a good plan. The basics are covered first, and more advanced topics are covered later.

Why the 10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes 4?

In the 10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes new or unfamiliar terms are defined in "plain English." We also offer Timesaver Tips, ideas that help cut corners and confusion. We show you where new users run into trouble, and offer practical solutions to those problems. We point out areas in Notes that will be different when the program is installed on a workstation using the OS/2 operating system.

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