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About the Authors

Sal Collora is an network specialist. While working at LMU, he developed an integration of messaging technologies for the LMU network infrastructure. The WAN consists of over 2,000 nodes with 4,000 users. Each student, faculty, and staff member has his or her own e-mail address. He also maintained a combination of CC:Mail, MS Mail, POP3 Mail, and Sendmail to provide communication between users.

Before leaving LMU, Sal was responsible for the new architecture mandate. This mandate consists of migrating LMU from a Novell Netware-dominated environment, to an NT-Dominated environment citing Microsoft's SMS technology and Exchange as the answer to the lack of such robustness under Netware. Exchange was to be the key component of the migration. Sal realized the existing cc:Mail infrastructure could not grow with the campus network.

With over three years of mesaging experience at LMU, and the ability to integrate a variety of systems, Sal also provided further insight into the pratical deployment of exchange in the enterprise.

Sal is currently working for Rubin Postaer and Associates, an advertising firm in Santa Monica. He is reponsible for all world wide development and networking infrastructure. His plans are to replace the current Quickmail system and migrate from exisiting MS Mail post-offices with a multi-platform, NT/Exchange-based messaging infrastructure.

Kent Joshi has over 10 years of technical experience, ranging from network design to management to sales. He earned his network design and tuning experience at TheJoshi Group, Inc. (pertinent clients include the following:

Nestlé USA--Built, tuned, and upgraded over 80 Windows NT Servers for corporate and remote offices. Used Performance Monitor on over 100 systems to identify bottlenecks, provide capacity planning information, tune 32-bit applications, and reduce SQL operation times.

At the Utah Department of Transportation, he optimized DEC network and system workflow for the Contract Procurement Department.

At the Engineering-Science Department, a Subsidiary of Parsons Engineering, he set up, administered, and tuned a nationwide Novell network.

He also worked for Microsoft Corporation, where he provided pre- and post-sales consulting for several Microsoft accounts. He served as the technical advisor for the Western Region Account Execs, where he was recognized as the Outstanding Representative in the Western Region.

At the IBM Corporation, he managed a team of representatives who installed and supported networked IBM systems for local clients.

Mark Kapczynski has seven years of computer experience as the director of information technology for Digital Genesis, a Sr. Network Systems Architect for Computer Dynamics, Inc., and as both a UCLA student and a manager of information technology for the NeuroPsychiatric Institute. Mark is the founder/chairman of the LA County Windows NT/Microsoft Networking Users Group where he conducts monthly meetings to discuss current issues and solutions. During his studies at UCLA, he was on staff as a network administrator and computer lab assistant for the UCLA School of Medicine, where he began working in October of 1990. Mark developed databases for Paramount Pictures to track film production information. He implemented a system to maintain computerized records for Global Investments, an investment group. Mark specializes in client/server LAN/WAN networking systems; database design and administration for finance/accounting, inventory control, and data warehouse systems; multi-media application presentations using the Internet, CD-ROM distribution, and on-line services; and Information Technology Consulting

Ruben Perez worked at CPV Interactive, where he architected a 400-node local-area network to include Macintosh, Windows and SGI machines. He also architected a data exchange/project management between programming teams and graphic artists in a multimedia studio environment.

At the 3T and Associates, Ruben developed a messaging strategy for inter-office communication over Remote Access and WAN links. He presented messaging technology to boost company sales through more effective community of sales/marketing information.

At UCLA, he earned six years' experience with MS Mail/SMTP mail systems, and supported day-to-day operations of the mail systems. This backbone provides communication for over 10,000 users, including doctors, nurses, faculty members, researchers, and students. 

He is an expert in data standards for information interchange over wide area networks. He is experienced in MS-mail system management. Experience in managing MS-mail over a Macintosh networks. Administrative skills wil MTA's, including External, DirSync, x.400, and SMTP.

Ed Roberts is a senior systems engineer at Ingram MicroArchitecting, a large scale roll out for group scheduling and conferencing with Microsoft Schedule+ and Exchange. This roll out involves integration with Microsoft Exchange/Schedule+ to a Mainframe-based mail system and Lotus Notes.

He was a regional systems manager,Intergraph Corporation, where he was responsible for the integration/migration of a Microsoft Mail and UNIX Sendmail/SMTP messaging environment. This environment covered the Western United States, Alaska, and Hawaii, with over 300 workstations and 40 mobile users in 10 offices.

Ed is a Microsoft certified systems engineer specializing in Microsoft Mail and Microsoft TCP/IP. He has more than 10 years of computer experience, ranging from Personal Computers, medium range UNIX workstations and servers, to VAX and IBM mainframe connectivity.

All terms mentioned in this book that are known to be trademarks or service marks have been appropriately capitalized. Que Corporation cannot attest to the accuracy of this information. Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.

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