Appendix F

Whats on the CD-ROM

On the Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual InterDev in 21 Days CD-ROM are the sample files that have been presented in this book, along with a wealth of other applications and utilities.

NOTE: Please refer to the readme.wri file on the CD-ROM for the latest listing of software.

Microsoft® Visual Basic®, Control Creation Edition, System Requirements

  • Personal computer with a 486 or higher processor

  • Microsoft Windows® 95 or Windows NT® Workstation 4.0 or later

  • 8MB of memory (12MB recommended) if running Windows 95

  • 16MB (20MB recommended) if running Windows 95

  • Hard-disk space:

  • Typical installation: 20MB

  • Minimum installation: 14MB

  • CD-ROM installation: (tools run from the CD-ROM): 14MB

  • Total tools and information on CD-ROM: 50 MB

  • CD-ROM drive

  • VGA or higher-resolution monitor (SVGA recommended)

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3

HTML Tools

  • Hot Dog 32-bit HTML editor demo

  • HoTMeTaL HTML editor demo

  • HTMLed HTML editor

  • Spider 1.2 demo

  • Web Analyzer demo

Graphics, Video, and Sound Applications

  • Goldwave sound editor, player, and recorder

  • MapThis imagemap utility
  • Paint Shop Pro

  • SnagIt screen capture utility

  • ThumbsPlus image viewer and browser


  • Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad and HTML Layout Control


  • Adobe Acrobat viewer
  • WinZip for Windows NT/95

  • WinZip Self-Extractor

About This Software

Some of the software on this CD-ROM is shareware. Shareware is not free. Please read all documentation associated with a third-party product (usually contained with files named readme.txt or license.txt) and follow all guidelines.