Week 2

At a Glance

Week 1 provided you with a solid foundation upon which to build more advanced Visual InterDev topics. In Week 2, you will learn more about the server side of the application equation. A majority of the week focuses on integrating a database with your application. You also will learn about some more advanced client-side topics, such as how to use objects and controls to build your interface.

Where You Are Going

At the beginning of the week, you will learn how to communicate with a database. You will discover how to use the power of the Visual Data Tools included with Visual InterDev to provide true database interaction in your application. The lesson also teaches you how to administer and manage your database components. In the middle of the week, you discover how to create dynamic applications through the use of Active Server Pages.

The last few days of the week focus on using advanced controls and objects to construct your application interface. First, you learn about HTML forms and controls. Then you get a chance to interact with ActiveX controls and Java applets. The final day of the week teaches you how to extend the functionality of your web page using design-time controls. The topics covered during this week will adequately prepare you for the lessons in Week 3, in which you will assimilate all of the concepts to build an application.