Week 3

At a Glance

During the first two weeks, you gained a better understanding of how Visual InterDev enables you to build Web-based applications. The third and final week covers some advanced topics and considerations concerning your applications. This week provides you with the knowledge that you need to put the finishing touches on your applications. The culmination of this week is an in-depth case study that will enable you to develop a Web-based application. You will be provided with a chance to demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained about Visual InterDev and the supporting technologies through the use of this book.

Where You Are Going

The first part of the week resumes the discussion about ActiveX controls. This lesson teaches you how to truly integrate ActiveX controls within your application. You then are taught how to build a design-time control using the Visual Basic Control Creation Edition. You also will learn how to integrate robust Active Server Components into your application mix. During the middle part of the week, you will receive an overview of how to use Visual InterDev to manage your web site files. You also will gain an understanding of how to handle team application development issues. Visual InterDev can be integrated with source code control products such as Visual SourceSafe to facilitate effective team development. You also will receive an overview of how to debug your Web-based application. The climax of the week is the final day. During this exciting day, you will test how much knowledge you have retained by developing a comprehensive application that uses all of the concepts you have learned.