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 {{:​img:​star_empty.png?​nolink&​28|}} {{:​img:​star_empty.png?​nolink&​28|}}
-| {{:​img:​pros_icon.png?​nolink&​36|}} ​ | Good **quality/​price** ratio\\ 3 Gb **RAM**\\ Android **Oreo 8.1**  | +A brief review focused on **obtaining root privileges** and software de-bloating. 
-| {{:​img:​cons_icon.png?​nolink&​36|}} ​ | Complex ​**rooting** procedure\\ MIUI O.S. filled with **bloatware**\\ Non replaceable **battery**\\ ​Double ​**privacy leak**: Google and Xiaomi apps  |+ 
 +| {{:​img:​pros_icon.png?​nolink&​36|}} ​ | Good **quality/​price** ratio.\\ 3 Gb **RAM**.\\ Android **Oreo 8.1.**  | 
 +| {{:​img:​cons_icon.png?​nolink&​36|}} ​ | Unfriendly ​**rooting** procedure ​with some unsolved issues.\\ Bootloader **unlock requires MS-Windows** software.\\ MIUI O.S. filled with **bloatware**.\\ Double **privacy leak**: Google and Xiaomi apps.\\ Non replaceable **battery**.\\ **Proximity sensor problem**: fails when **closer than one centimeter**. ​ |
 ^ Model            | Redmi 6  | ^ Model            | Redmi 6  |
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 {{.:​redmi:​redmi-6a_14-mi-unlock-couldnt-unlock.jpg?​direct&​128|Mi Unlock: Delay}} {{.:​redmi:​redmi-6a_14-mi-unlock-couldnt-unlock.jpg?​direct&​128|Mi Unlock: Delay}}
 +===== Hardware Tests  =====
 +To enter the **hardware test mode** go to dialling screen and dial **%%*#​*#​64663#​*#​*%%**
 +Here you can check if you are affected by the **proximity sensor problem**: move your hand toward the top of the phone, you should see that the proximity sensor //sense// your hand at a distance of about 3-5 cm. It should keep sensing it even if you touch the phone, but my model is defective: when you put your hand **closer than one centimeter**,​ the proximity **fail**.
 ===== Web References ===== ===== Web References =====
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