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I wrote a small Python script to edit Exif UserComment field. You can hook the script to the external editor commands of Geeqie, so you can launch it with a simple Ctrl+1.

The program allows multi line comments, uses UTF-8 encoding and allow you to edit and existing comment or add a new one. You can navigate in the directory tree and quickly add comments using just the jeyboard.

The exif-comment-edit script uses the exiv2(1) tool to actually read and write the comment, on a Debian system you must install the exiv2 and python-gtk2 packages.

The script is released under the GPL license, and you can download it here: exif-comment-edit.

To add the item to the Edit menu, just create a $HOME/.config/geeqie/applications/exif-comment-edit.desktop file, with:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Edit Exif UserComment

Exec=exif-comment-edit %f

# show only if exif-comment-edit is installed

# Desktop files that are usable only in Geeqie should be marked like this:

# Show in menu "Edit"


To bind the menu item to a shortcut key, open the Edit, Preferences, Keyboard dialog box and search the action you just added.

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