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i-gotU GT-100 GPS logger


Crappy i-gotU GPS logger

  • USB port for communication, control and battery charging
  • Extra small size: … mm
  • No Bluetooth (larger model GT-200 has BT)
  • Single button operation, also push-to-log.
  • Two leds status
  • Memory??
  • Battery??

A definitively crappy device

  1. Logging interval by time only. Cannot set logging interval by distance.
  2. It is impossible to distinguish waypoints acquired by push button from trackpoints acquired by time interval.
  3. Cannot use the device with software other than the provided Windows application.

Does not work with Linux

The device is not recognised by the Linux kernel (2.6.22-3-686 by Debian). This is the lspci output:

Bus 003 Device 005: ID 0df7:0900 Mobile Action Technology, Inc.

I tried to add the above ID into the pl2303 or the ftdi_sio kernel modules (source files are into the drivers/usb/serial/ directory, files pl2303.c, pl2303.h, ftdi_sio.c and ftdi_sio.h). But I got a Segmentation fault whenever a program tries to open the /dev/ttyUSB0 device.

The i-gotU Desktop Windows program seems to not work with Windows 98 into a Qemu virtual machine (installed the driver and the Desktop program).

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