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It is a Perl script that would take one DVD (DVD-9, ~7.9GB) and write the main feature, perfectly, to a DVD-R (DVD-5, ~4.7GB). If required by space constraints, a requantization will be performed using tcrequant.



Create a configuration file named .dvd9to5.conf like the following:

# dvd9to5.conf file for

# Device to rip from
#DVDRipDev /dev/dvd
DVDRipDev /home/niccolo/video/VIVA_ZAPATERO

# Device to burn to
DVDBurnDev /dev/dvd

# Burn Speed
BurnSpd 2

# Work directory where files will be stored (need a lot o space :) )
WorkDir /home/niccolo/video/tmp

Tha program can rip the DVD directly from the device or from a directory tree created with dvdbackup.

The DVD directory tree will be generated into the directory WorkDir/dvd/ using dvdauthor. All the required .VOB, .IFO and .BUP file will be geneated.

The program will write the DVD-R media if present into the DVDBurnDev drive, otherwise you can burn the disk later with:

growisofs -speed=2 -Z /dev/dvd -dvd-video WorkDir/dvd


See the detailed WorkDir/dvd9to5.log if you want to know what the program did.

  • Only the main feature will be preserved, no subtitles at all.
  • The audio track is declared ac3+en, to dvdauthor, either if it is in a different language.
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